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De Lichtbol Camera NexLaunch

The Light Orb Camera

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The Light Orb Camera

Security Meets Innovation: The Ultimate Security Solution

Gain peace of mind with our Orb Camera, an advanced security camera disguised in a discreet and stylish design. Ideal for those who want to protect their home or office without sacrificing aesthetics.

Why our Light Ball Camera?

  • 360-degree Coverage: With a wide field of view, our camera provides full coverage of the room, making blind spots a thing of the past. Track every corner of your space in high definition.
  • Night Vision: Equipped with powerful night vision technology, our camera keeps an eye on your belongings day and night. Even in complete darkness, you can count on clear, sharp images.
  • Motion Detection & Smart Alerts: Receive instant notifications on your smartphone when motion is detected. Customizable settings let you customize sensitivity and motion detection zones.
  • Easy Setup & Remote Access: Without complicated wiring or installation, you can quickly set up your camera and easily access live footage via your smartphone, tablet or computer, wherever you are.

Protect What Matters with Style and Smartness

The Orb Camera is more than just a security device; it is a smart investment in the security of your home or business. With its modern design and advanced features, it provides an unobtrusive, yet powerful way to monitor everything you hold dear.

Don't take risks when it comes to security. Choose the Light Bulb Camera and enjoy peace of mind with the latest technology and design. Order now and step into the future of home security.


IC-360 | Smart Security Light Bulb Camera

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